In the Department of Chemistry there are 7 laboratories equipped for investigations and practical courses besides lecture halls. There are also a multimedia complexes combined with computer class and center for new methods in teaching chemistry.

The education currently is performed at the three educational levels: bachelor, master and PhD.

Bachelor Degree

The students in the Department of Chemistry are trained in four specialties:

  • Chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Pedagogy of Teaching Chemistry and Physics
  • Pedagogy of Teaching Chemistry and Human & Natural Science

The duration of the training is four years (8 semesters) for the all three specialties. There are opportunities for continuation of the education in master degree programs in the field of chemistry.

The students majoring Chemistry can obtain teacher qualification in the same four year stay in the University.

Postgraduate Studies (Continuing Education):

  • Qualification “Teacher of Chemistry”
  • Qualification “Teacher of Man and Nature.”
  • One-year professional pedagogical specialization “Education of sciences” to acquire third professional qualification of teachers teaching the subjects of cultural and educational area “Life sciences and ecology” in primary and secondary


Master Degree

The Chemistry Department offers three graduate training programs.

  • Biological active substances and drug

The students get familiar with the chemistry of  biologically active substances, their mechanism of action, synthesis, properties and principles of drug design.

Training course is 2 semesters.

  • Metrology in Chemistry

Students become conversant with the major aspects of analytical terminology, nomenclature, conventions and units, types of measurement and calibration techniques, the principles and procedures used in chemical analysis and characterization of chemical compounds.

  • Chemistry and ecology

Students will penetrate in the field of environmental protection.

Doctoral Degree

  • Inorganic Chemistry

The purpose of the PhD program in Inorganic chemistry is to prepare highly-qualified specialists with competences in the field of inorganic chemistry.

The topics of the PhD studies developed on this program are mainly focused in two fields:

  • Synthesis and characterization of new nanomaterials as potential catalysts or electrocatalysts;
  • Development of innovative technologies for ecological energy production – fuel cells and electrolysers for hydrogen (both chemical and microbiological ones).

The duration of education is 3 year.

  • Organic Chemistry

The PhD program in Organic Chemistry has a strong focus in synthetic and structural organic chemistry.

The students, completed this program will get knowledge in organic and medicinal chemistry and will broaden their knowledge in areas such as theoretical chemistry, QSAR and structural chemistry. The purpose of the PhD program in Organic Chemistry is to train highly-qualified specialists in this field, possessing skills in modern methods of organic synthesis, drug design, structural analysis of organic compounds and medicinal chemistry.

  • Pedagogy in Chemistry